Warm Greetings from Peter John Ministries!

We welcome you to our Peter John Ministries family. central adjective of our ministry is to equip men and women to know Jesus intimately through the study of God’s word, and to do the ministry of Jesus Christ, who will proclaim the gospel to win those among whom Jesus is unknown in this generation and plant the church among them.

              God has given burden to Peter John to start this ministry. He is the founder and president of Peter John Ministries. He born and brought up in Christian family. He start the ministry with First baptist Church Organization in 2003. After some years Peter John start this ministry by grace of God.

              After the secular study He went for bible school. After bible school He launched energetically into ministry activities. Church planting is the heart of his ministry. Now Peter John Ministries is running in Punjab Vill Mandiala District Gurdaspur, our ministry is self supported ministry. We are not getting any financial support from any one. Our purpose is to spread  the Gospel of Jesus Christ all over in India. For this we need many prayers and financial support from the men of God to whom God given burden for our ministry  that we could able to support our missionaries those who are working for the Lord in field through many problems and difficulties.

               With this ministry we are also doing some social works for the community.

For prayer and counseling contact:

PHONE NUMBER +919779049755,   +918146649755


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